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Elevate & Accelerate Your Business Success

Upcoming Fall Cohort: August 13th - October 29th

We are currently accepting applications for our Fall 2024 Waitlist.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to uplevel your business game and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality! Reserve your spot while there's still availability!

Our Learn and Earn Fellowship isn't just a conventional program; it's an immersive experience crafted to hone your business acumen, amplify your creative strategies, and instill confidence in your entrepreneurial vision. Led by seasoned business consultants, our diverse workshops delve into critical aspects of entrepreneurship, covering a variety of essential knowledge. 

Throughout the fellowship, you'll engage in hands-on workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities. Our goal is not just to equip you with knowledge but to facilitate the creation of a solid business plan, providing you with the tools and resources necessary to drive your entrepreneurial endeavors beyond the fellowship.


All workshops take place at the vibrant XIA Gallery & Cafe, offering an inspiring atmosphere conducive to creativity and collaboration.

LOCATION: XIA Gallery & Cafe

422 University Ave W. Suite 14, St Paul MN 55103



Learn and Earn Fellowship 

Waitlist is now open for our Small Business Fall Cohort!

Take the first step towards realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Join us for an intensive program designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. In this cohort, you'll dive deep into essential topics such as business development, marketing strategies, financial management, leadership skills, and networking opportunities.



Curriculum Features & Benefits Explored

Our Learn & Earn Fellowship will unlock your business potential by overcoming barriers and navigating challenges, all while paving the way for sustainable success.


Throughout the 12-Week Learn and Earn Fellowship, you will be engaging in sessions to empower your entrepreneurial spirit. The fellowship will equip you with refined business acumen, a robust network, and the confidence to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.

Learn & Earn Fellowship

Your Money, Your Business (YOBIZMO) 

Over the years, our organization's journey has been intertwined with the cultural fabric of our community, evolving to meet the dynamic needs of Asian businesses. From AEDA's inception as a response to urban development challenges to the founding of Little Mekong Asian Business & Cultural District, our commitment to preserving Asian heritage and fostering community economic development has remained steadfast. With the emergence of YOBIZMO and Learn & Earn in 2023, we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to continue this legacy, impacting entrepreneurs and communities, fostering cultural pride, and empowering future leaders. It's a privilege to be part of this narrative, connecting diverse cultures and inspiring transformative growth across generations.

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